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Lazer Star Lights Dune Day


Lazer Star Lights heads out with the whole crew and their families to the rolling dunes of Pismo Beach, CA.

With the growing staff of enthusiasts over at Lazer Star, it was decided to celebrate with the Inaugural 'Dune Day' company trip to Pismo Beach, CA., otherwise known as the Oceano dunes.  BBQ, campfires, family, friends, the beach, and a few vehicles outfitted with quality lights will make any day a success! The 1st Annual Dune Day was just that. Everyone apart of the crew can't wait to get together and do it again... Did someone say Dune Day over in Dumont this winter?Dune Buggy Tearing up the dunes, one of the old school buggies got to show off their classic Lazer Star Billet Lights that started the company in 1993. The Billet Lights were originally created for dune buggies (as seen above), but in 1999, they started to extended their reach by making themselves applicable to Harley Davidson and V-Twin motorcycles as well. 

ATV on Dune 





Since it was a picture perfect day out, the dunes were packed with off roaders. The more people, the rougher the ride and more chances that someone wouldn't see you. Something as simple as throwing on an LED whip bulb to the top of your pole can make a huge difference. Luckily for the Lazer Star team, they were riding around in some of the most visible vehicles out on the dunes! 

Jeep w/ LX LED One of the most perfect offroad automotive vehicles: The Jeep. How can the iconic Jeep possibly get any better, you ask? Well, by outfitting it with top of the line lights from the LX LED Jeep specific light kits, and boy did they have this one covered! An American flag never hurts either.

Dune Buggy w/ iStar Pod Lights 







Those green accent lights almost put that sunset to shame! New to the Lazer Star family, iStar Pod Lights are the perfect addition to any vehicle for that extra edge. Lazer Star Lights Gets Stuck No day comes without a few hiccups, and the Lazer Star Lights family and friends had their fair share! Thankfully, they weren't about to leave this Rhino stuck, so they banned together to dig it out of the sand pit. Lazer Star Lights Experience the Power Of Light, Lazer Star Lights has a solution for all your automotive lighting needs. In closing we bring you a great shot of the riding crew lined up atop a dune at the end of their sunset ride. Lazer Star Lights Dune Day was nothing short of a day well spent!   

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Lazer Star Racing Contingency Program

Murray Podium We are thrilled to announce our Lazer Star Lights contingency program, which will offer cash or product credit rewards to ATV, UTV and Truck racers who achieve racing success while using Lazer Star Lights products! Contingency form Download and print this form, complete and return to Lazer Star Lights. Requirements

  1. Must have 4 Lazer Star decals, each corner of vehicle
  2. Must have Lazer Star Lights installed at time of race in order to claim cash awards
  3. Must not have any competitor lighting or branding on vehicle
  4. Must finish in top 3 of class (must have minimum of 5 entries in class to be eligible)
  5. Completed Contingency Report form must be received within 15 days after race
  6. Photo of vehicle (300 dpi) at tech inspection must be submitted with form
  7. Submit a W-9 prior to claiming award, only required once per year (email, fax or mail the completed form:

Qualified Race Series & Events

  • BITD - Best in the Desert
  • SCORE International Off-Road Racing
  • SNORE Off-Road Racing
  • PURE Side-X-Side Off-Road Series
  • Heartland Challenge
  • Glen Helen 24 Hours
  • 12 Hours of La Tuque Endurance Race
    • Payouts
  • 1st Place $500 product credit / $200 Cash
  • 2nd Place $200 product credit / $100 Cash
  • 3rd Place $100 product credit / $50 Cash

Questions should be directed to Suzi Scott, or call (800) 624-6234. Visit for your off-road lighting solutions, and join our onlilne community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Lazer Star Lights Sponsored Racers Attack the Mint 400

Paso Robles, Calif. - March 18, 2016 - The Lazer Star Lights sponsored team of Jason and Derek Murray were back in action this past weekend as they took on the legendary Mint 400. It was a rough course that claimed many vehicles, but the Murray brothers’ commitment to consistency landed them a 4th place finish in the UTV Turbo class. Fellow Lazer Star racer Matt Lovell encountered a series of issues in the 7200 class, and was unable to finish the race.

Murray Racing

“Normally it takes three to four weeks to prepare for a race, and this was our third race in four weeks,” Derek Murray said after the race. Following the BITD UTV World Championship and SCORE San Felipe 250 in the preceding weeks, the Murrays and their crew worked night and day to get their Can-Am Maverick Turbo ready for an important Mint 400.

Derek started things off behind the wheel and within the first 30 miles was running up in the top five. With so little time to prep, the team’s strategy was to run a smooth race and stay within striking distance of the leaders. By the time Derek made it to the second of three laps, the course was deteriorated and was beginning to take its toll on the car. Derek backed off the pace a bit in an effort to avoid any mechanical failures, and handed off to Jason for the third and final lap.

Jason took the wheel in good position to make a run at the podium, however, the top teams had pretty clean races and did not create any opportunities for late passes. By that point, the car was losing some of its top speed, and after three challenging laps on a chewed up course Team Murray crossed the line in 4th place.

“All in all, we showed up prepared, the car ran well and we finished in the top 5 out of 76 UTVs,” Derek recounted. “Our goal is always to win, but all things considered we’re happy to finish the race and get some solid points. Now we finally have some time to break down the car and get it refreshed for the next race.”

This was the 41st consecutive Best in the Desert race that Team Murray has finished without a DNF. The strong effort puts them in 2nd place in the season standings, and the BITD Laughlin Desert Classic in May is next on the schedule.

Lovell Racing

By the time the morning races had come to an end, more than 200 vehicles had run the course. Matt Lovell and his crew had spent the two previous weeks getting the Lazer Star Lights equipped #7244 mid-size trophy truck ready for action, but nothing could prepare them for what was to come.

Lovell was first off the line in the 7200 class, but just a few miles into the race he and his co-driver realized they had gotten a flat tire at some point through a tight and rocky uphill section. When they went to change the tire, the jack handle broke off in Matt’s hand, the first of what would be several bizarre events. Shortly after changing the tire and getting back on course, Lovell’s truck got stuck atop a boulder. Upon jacking the truck to clear it from the obstruction, they discovered a gear oil leak. They made it to the pit and Lovell’s crew got to work cleaning up the damage.

After suffering another flat in the next section of the course, Lovell made it back to the main pit. By this point the course was turning into a junkyard, with trophy trucks and class 1 cars strewn about and suspension parts scattered on the course. They slowed their pace and focused on navigating the jagged rocks when they came upon a rolled class 1 car. As Lovell slowed down to help, a trophy truck came up along side of Matt’s truck, damaging the rear end and body work.

The co-driver of the stranded vehicle was badly hurt, so Lovell called in to have his crew call for a helicopter. Shortly after a BITD vehicle arrived and the helicopter was on its way to med-evac the injured racer. Lovell’s willingness to pull over to help saved several precious minutes in evacuating the injured racer.

Lovell returned to the course, and soon after the 3rd member started to give out. They pulled off to inspect and realized that the truck was simply thrashed from a combination of rocks and collisions with other vehicles. Matt started breaking the truck down as his crew went to retrieve a replacement part, but the damage was already done. Matt did what he could to get back to the pit, but by that time he was forced to withdraw.

Lovell has his work cut out for him with extensive repairs and rebuilding to do in preparation for his next race. Lovell may race the BITD Laughlin Desert Classic, and after that will set his sights on Vegas to Reno in August. That will be the last race with this truck, as Lovell will finish his spec Trophy Truck for the 2017 season.



Murray Racing Takes Silver at San Felipe 250

The race season is really heating up for Derek and Jason Murray. Mere days after completing their 40th consecutive Best in the Desert Race at the UTV Wold Championship, the Murray brothers and their crew had to prep the race car and head down to Baja for the SCORE International San Felipe 250. Knowing how committed these guys are, we're not surprised that they pulled off the quick turnaround and totally rocked it in Mexico.

Derek and co-pilot Aaron Juarez got things started off, taking the Murray Racing Can-Am Maverick Turbo through the first 157 miles of the San Felipe course. At that point they were running in 2nd place, just a few minutes behind the leaders. Jason and co-pilot Monty Aldrich took over for the final 100 miles, charging hard in an attempt to catch the leader. As the sun set over the Mexican desert, Jason relied on his Lazer Star Lights LED light bars to pave the way for a final push.

Checkers were not quite in the cards for the Murray boys, however, as they crossed the line just a minute and change behind the leader. With adjusted times, they had secured 2nd place in the SCORE season opener, a great way to start off what will certainly be an exciting chase for the 2016 title!

Another quick turnaround is on deck for the Murrays as they prep the car for the BITD Mint 400, March 9-13 in Las Vegas. We'll be out at the Mint with the Lazer Star rig, so stop by for a special light bar giveaway and swag, and help us cheer on Derek, Jason and Matt Lovell in the Mint 400!


Lazer Star Lights Sponsored Team Murray Fights Back at UTV World Championship

The 2016 race season is heating up for the Lazer Star Lights sponsored team of Jason and Derek Murray. With their second Best in the Desert event in the books and a quick turnaround before the SCORE season opener, Team Murray is on the gas and looking to make an impact this year.

Team Murray signing autographs at the 2016 UTV World Championship

Last year’s UTV World Championship was the inaugural event, and this year’s race drew an even bigger crowd with even more excitement as more than 90 UTVs competed. The UTV Championship course is unique in that it is part stadium short course and part open desert racing. This makes for an entertaining spectator area around the short course section while throwing in all of the rough and unexpected terrain that the Nevada desert had to offer.

Murray Racing at the 2016 UTV World Championship

New to the BITD rulebook is a starting position procedure. The top 10 finishers in the previous race get to start in that order, which meant that the Murrays got to turn their 4th place overall finish at the Parker 250 into an early start ahead of the massive pack.

Murray Racing at the 2016 UTV World Championship

Derek Murray took off at the front of the pack with Jason as his co-driver, and the two worked their way into 3rd place in the first few miles. About 8 miles into the first lap, the Team Murray Can-Am Maverick Turbo experienced some mechanical issues, which required some extended repair work on the course. By the time they got up and running again, pretty much the entire field had passed them. In fact, the lead cars were now just a few minutes away from lapping them, which meant there was no time to waste if the Murrays were going to get back into the race.

Murray Racing at the 2016 UTV World Championship

For the next few laps around the course, Team Murray charged hard and made up time. They picked off car after car and made up as much time as possible, despite being further slowed by mechanical issues on lap 5 and again on the final lap.

Team Murray at the 2016 UTV World Championship finish line

Through all of this adversity Jason and Derek persevered, and continued fighting to the end. Their reward was an incredible comeback. Although they were at one point in the race at the back of the 90-car pack, Team Murray managed to finish the race in 6th place in the UTV Turbo Class and in 9th place Overall. This was the 40th consecutive BITD race that Team Murray has completed with no DNFs.

Though the updated series points have not yet been posted, Team Murray should be in the top 3 in the UTV Turbo standings based on the results from the first two races. While Derek and Jason set the bar high for themselves, it’s hard to be disappointed with such an impressive display of willpower and determination. Expect to see the Murray boys on the BITD and SCORE podium this season.

The next race up for Team Murray is this weekend, the San Felipe 250. With as short a turnaround as possible, it will be interesting to see how the Murrays are able to prep their Lazer Star Lights equipped Can-Am in time for the SCORE International season opener.

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We're headed out to the UTV World Championship!

The Lazer Star Lights crew is packing up and heading out to the Best in the Desert UTV World Championship. BITD started this event last year, and it combines the tight, technical excitement of short course racing with the long, stamina-testing miles of desert racing. Polaris has returned as the title sponsor, and we're excited to see how this event continues to evolve over time. If you're planning on coming out to this race, be sure to stop by the Lazer Star rig at tech and say hello to Ron, Ryan and Kyle! They'll be showing off the latest in Lazer Star Lights technology and will have some great sales on premium LED lighting. Plus, don't forget to cheer on Jason and Derek Murray as they fight for valuable points in the BITD season standings.

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Derek West King of the Hammers Race Report

Derek and team came ready for this race, very little work was required to be done on the car while on the lake bed. The focus was on getting just enough pre-running in and to be relaxed and ready for race day.

Pre-running the course.

The Jimmy's car was working great and there was not a single issue with the car while pre-running.

The #4420 car in the pits.

With all of the teams pre-running done early in the week Derek had time to spend with photographers and media, put the car on display and focus on a strategy for the race.

Derek West on the Hammers course (Photo: Sightline Images by way of Crush Motorsports Racing)

Friday Morning Derek and Art Richtmyre (co-driver) were in the second row for the start of the race.  Things were off to a great start until a coolant line ruptured around mile 15.  They both got out and began to fix the issue, by the time they had it resolved the whole field of Ultra4 cars had passed them.  Derek jumped back in with spirits high and began to pick cars off, getting back into the top 20 on the second lap.  During that lap the engine began to miss, Art called on the radio to have the crew change some plug wires at the main pit before the start of lap 3.  While in the pit with the engine shut off something happened and upon the re-start of the engine there was a violent backfire and the damage had been done.  The team had no choice but to call the race.  We believe it is possible that the fuel injectors filled the cylinders with fuel before startup causing catastrophic engine failure.  While the team is bummed for the DNF, we realize that this is part of our sport and we are determined and focused to come back strong for the next outing!

Lazer Star Lights is a proud sponsor of Derek West and Crush Motorsports Racing.

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Lazer Star Lights Headlight Bracket and Kits Offer Lighting Solutions for Off Road Motorcyclists

The Off Road Motorcycle brackets are compatible with most dirt bike, dual sport and enduro motorcycles.

Lazer Star Lights has developed a new mounting solution for dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles. Their new universal Off Road Motorcycle Bracket -- available individually or in one of two kits -- will allow off road motorcyclists to install a variety of lighting options for both recreational and racing purposes.

The universal fork brackets are constructed of lightweight aluminum and are designed to mount to the motorcycle’s forks. The brackets are adjustable to fit most off-road motorcycles, and are designed to accommodate a variety of small but high-powered Lazer Star LX LED lights. The brackets are available in black and include all necessary mounting hardware.

Lazer Star has worked with Team Neo Synthetics to develop this universal bracket.

Lazer Star’s new bracket is an ideal solution for racers and enthusiasts in the endurance, desert and off-road disciplines, and can also serve as an upgrade for dual sport riders who want to replace their OEM headlight. The Off Road Bracket was developed in conjunction with Team Neo Synthetics, which used this kit to light the way for their second consecutive victory in the JBC 24 Hour Endurance Race at Glen Helen. This unique lighting solution also earned recognition as the SEMA Show’s Runner Up Best New Product in the Powersports Category.

Head of Marketing Suzi Scott and President Pat Scott (center) accept a SEMA award on behalf of Lazer Star Lights.

The universal Off Road Motorcycle Bracket is available individually or as part of two different preconfigured kits. The 5-watt Kit includes a pair of Lazer Star’s 5-watt double row LED light bars, producing a total of 4,000 lumens in a 10 degree spot beam pattern. The 10-watt Kit also delivers 4,000 total lumens in the form of a more compact pair of 10-watt LED light bars. The bracket is also compatible with other Lazer Star LX LED lights, including light bars up to 10 inches in length.


10-watt Kit

5-watt Kit

Lazer Star Lights Universal Off Road Motorcycle Fork Bracket & Kits

  • Lightweight aluminum construction in black powder coat finish
  • Brackets will fit the forks of most dirt and dual sport motorcycles
  • Compatible with a variety of Lazer Star LX LED lighting options
  • Brackets and kits include all necessary mounting hardware
  • Brackets are made in the USA

Lazer Star Lights brackets and lighting solutions are available direct from and through your local Lazer Star Lights dealer. Find Lazer Star on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and follow @LazerStarLights on Twitter and Instagram for more updates and special offers.


Murray Racing Kicks Off the 2016 Race Season with a Parker 250 Podium

Photo Credit: Sebastian Krywult,

Lazer Star Lights and Murray Racing kicked off the 2016 racing season with a bang, taking 4th overall at the Best in the Desert Parker 250 and 3rd in the all new UTV Pro Turbo class. With a whole starting block full of turbo-powered machines, this new class will be exciting to watch as the season unfolds and Polaris and Can-Am square off in the battle for horsepower. The Can-Am Turbo is off to a good start, taking 3 of the top 4 positions in the Overall and sweeping the Pro Turbo podium. Although the Murrays took that 3rd spot in the class, Jason and Derek always have their eyes set on the that first place trophy.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Krywult,

Murray Racing finished the 2015 season in 2nd place in the SCORE International UTV class, and 3rd place in the Best in the Desert UTV Pro class. Jason and Derek were also recognized at the SCORE awards banquet with the Milestone Award, which is given to the team that finishes the most miles of all events in the season.

They also hold one of the longest running records for most consecutive BITD races finished, at 36. That's six straight seasons without a DNF.

Needless to say expectations are high for Derek and Jason Murray in 2016, and with the increased support of their sponsors, the new high-powered Can-Am Maverick Turbo and one of the best crews in all of desert racing, look for big things to come from the Murray Brothers this year.


Lazer Star Lights Sponsored Driver Matt Lovell Finishes 2015 on Top

Lazer Star Lights’ Matt Lovell finished off the 2015 racing season in style this past weekend, winning the SNORE Rage at the River in dominant fashion.

As sweet as it is to head into the holidays atop the podium, the 2015 race season did not start out with such success. “We finished 2014 with the Rage at the River win,” Lovell said, “so the whole crew was really excited to hit the ground running in 2015.” The off-road racing gods had other plans in mind. The Matt Lovell Racing team headed to Arizona for the Best in the Desert season opener, the Parker 425. Matt’s day ended early with a DNF, and so it was back to the drawing board in preparation for the Mint 400 just a few months later.

After some repairs and upgrades, the MLR mid-size trophy truck was ready for everything the chewed up Mint 400 course could throw its way. Lovell overcame course delays and extremely rough terrain, calling this “the toughest race I’ve ever raced.” Through it all, Matt finished the 2015 Mint 400 in 5th place in the 7200 class.

Next up was the BITD Vegas to Reno, dubbed “the Longest Off-Road Race in the United States.” After some substantial rebuilds following the Mint 400, Lovell was ready to traverse the state of Nevada. He was one of just a handful of drivers to ironman the entire race, and after 14 exhausting hours behind the wheel his Lazer Star Lights guided him across the finish line. Lovell battled back from a long delay in a silt bed to finish 7th in the 7200 class.

Lovell and company headed back out to Vegas for one more race, the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts’ Rage at the River event. Lovell was the defending champ, and with two days of racing on a challenging course he knew this would require all of his focus and energy. On the menu: 5 laps on a 12.5-mile loop, with 387 total entries. A recipe for a seriously chewed up race course. On Day 1, Lovell started 3 wide off the line and battled back and forth with some other trucks before pulling away. Lovell’s lap times were all within a minute of one another, and this consistency paid off. Lovell won by nearly a full lap.

Sometime in the wee hours of the night, however, Lovell’s tools were stolen out of his truck. Already without any kind of pit crew for this event, Matt realized that any mechanical issues on the second day would likely knock him out of the race. The course had claimed quite a few vehicles on the first day, leaving a smaller field of competitors on Day 2.

Lovell started in the front and never looked back. Knowing he couldn’t afford any issues, Matt pushed the pace but made sure to drive smart and keep his truck on the course. He once again finished the race with a sizeable lead, and successfully defended his 2014 title to become the back-to-back Rage at the River Champion.

“No matter how much you prepare, how many upgrades or modifications you make to the truck, there will always be unforeseen challenges,” Lovell said, reflecting on his 2015 season. “I’m just so proud of my crew and thankful for all of my sponsors and supporters for sticking it out and helping me push through the obstacles. To cap off this season with a win is extremely rewarding for all of us.”

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