Lazer Star Lights heads out with the whole crew and their families to the rolling dunes of Pismo Beach, CA.

With the growing staff of enthusiasts over at Lazer Star, it was decided to celebrate with the Inaugural 'Dune Day' company trip to Pismo Beach, CA., otherwise known as the Oceano dunes.  BBQ, campfires, family, friends, the beach, and a few vehicles outfitted with quality lights will make any day a success! The 1st Annual Dune Day was just that. Everyone apart of the crew can't wait to get together and do it again... Did someone say Dune Day over in Dumont this winter?Dune Buggy Tearing up the dunes, one of the old school buggies got to show off their classic Lazer Star Billet Lights that started the company in 1993. The Billet Lights were originally created for dune buggies (as seen above), but in 1999, they started to extended their reach by making themselves applicable to Harley Davidson and V-Twin motorcycles as well. 

ATV on Dune 





Since it was a picture perfect day out, the dunes were packed with off roaders. The more people, the rougher the ride and more chances that someone wouldn't see you. Something as simple as throwing on an LED whip bulb to the top of your pole can make a huge difference. Luckily for the Lazer Star team, they were riding around in some of the most visible vehicles out on the dunes! 

Jeep w/ LX LED One of the most perfect offroad automotive vehicles: The Jeep. How can the iconic Jeep possibly get any better, you ask? Well, by outfitting it with top of the line lights from the LX LED Jeep specific light kits, and boy did they have this one covered! An American flag never hurts either.

Dune Buggy w/ iStar Pod Lights 







Those green accent lights almost put that sunset to shame! New to the Lazer Star family, iStar Pod Lights are the perfect addition to any vehicle for that extra edge. Lazer Star Lights Gets Stuck No day comes without a few hiccups, and the Lazer Star Lights family and friends had their fair share! Thankfully, they weren't about to leave this Rhino stuck, so they banned together to dig it out of the sand pit. Lazer Star Lights Experience the Power Of Light, Lazer Star Lights has a solution for all your automotive lighting needs. In closing we bring you a great shot of the riding crew lined up atop a dune at the end of their sunset ride. Lazer Star Lights Dune Day was nothing short of a day well spent!   

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