Dominator LED ChaseTail Light Bar by Lazer Star Lights

MSRP $199.99

  • The Dominator LED ChaseTail Light Bar offers an all-in-one rear facing solution for both street and off-road use
  • Chase taillight features 2-amber / 2-red / 2-white LED segments
  • Red LED provides run/brake illumination adding safety to any vehicle
  • Amber LED provides an optional dust light or turn signal function
  • White LED for a back up or work light
  • Samples are available for media evaluation

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Paso Robles, Calif. – July 2017 

Announcing the new Dominator LED ChaseTail. A functional and rugged solution for rear facing illumination, providing added safety and features for your off-road or on-road vehicle.

The 20” lightbar includes 3 ultra bright 3-watt LED’s per color segment. The outer ends of the ChaseTail feature amber LED’s which can be wired into the vehicle 3 different ways; as turn signals, as one strobe** / one solid dust light, or wired together as dual solid amber dust lights. The next LED segments in are red and provide a dual wire for run light / brake light function. Lastly the center 6 LED’s are a brilliant white and can be wired with the vehicle back up lights or to a switch for a general rear lighting solution. 

*Please check with your state's current laws and regulations for on and off road vehicles.

** Separate strobe controller required.

ChaseTail Diagram









Dominator LED ChaseTail Light Bar by Lazer Star Lights

  • Rugged extruded aluminum housing
  • Universal Mounting with slide track bottom or side mount capabilities
  • IP67 water resistant seal
  • Universal open ended wire harness with schematic
  • Flood beam pattern
  • Covers included
BottomMnt  SideMnt Wires




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