Lazer Star Lights’ line of small, 10-watt LED units make for a drastic improvement in motorcycle visibility. This high performance motorcycle lighting is available in several shapes and sizes and can be mounted to most motorcycle models.

“This is the next level of motorcycle lighting,” said Lazer Star Vice President Ron Scott. “Not all motorcycles come out of the factory with sufficient lighting, especially older models. By installing a set of LED lights, you’re improving your safety on the road by enhancing your field of vision in adverse conditions and also enhancing your visibility to other motorists.”

This before and after shows the power of Lazer Star's LX2003 motorcycle lighting over stock headlights.

Lazer Star’s Enterprise LX2002 and LX2003 lights feature 10-watt Cree® LEDs in an extremely durable aluminum housing. At 1,000 lumens per LED, these lights offer high efficiency and a long lifespan while producing an impressive amount of light. Each light has a proprietary gasket and vacuum seal which passes rigorous quality testing to be IP68-rated dust and water proof and 8.6g vibration compliant.  

Lazer Star Lights LX2002
  • 4-inch oval design
  • Two Cree® 10-watt LEDs
  • Total Output: 2,000 lumens
Lazer Star Lights LX2003
  • 4-inch triad design
  • Three Cree® 10-watt LEDs
  • Total Output: 3,000 lumens

Both the LX2002 and LX2003 are compatible with Lazer Star’s 41mm, 1.25” or 2” tube clamps. The lights are easy to install on motorcycles with an empty auxiliary switch, and Lazer Star also offers a wire kit with a handlebar switch assembly for Harley-Davdisons. Wire kits, relays and switches are available separately through Lazer Star Lights.

Lazer Star's LX2002 and LX2003 LED lights mount easily with a variety of clamp options.