Lazer Star Lights was recently awarded patent number 8974102, 2015, which protects Lazer Star’s intellectual property of a number of innovative solutions for LED light bars.

A drawing from Lazer Star's recent patent filings.

Foremost among the patent’s claims is the unique power design of Lazer Star’s light bars: power input is built into both end caps on the light bar so it can be powered from either side to accommodate your vehicle. This design allows allows multiple bars to be connected, or “daisy chained,” utilizing the power input on the opposite end.


Lazer Star's technology allows for multiple light bars to be "daisy chained" together with a single power supply.

The design also reflects an industry first for Lazer Star: a color-swapping light bar. The Racer Special LED bars allow for multiple, switchable colors in a single LED bar. In addition, the patent recognizes two further innovations from Lazer Star: the lights are compatible with both AC and DC power, and the LED light bars can be mounted in three different ways.

Side mount position Bottom mount position Rear mount position

“Lazer Star Lights has long been an innovator in aftermarket lights,” said Lazer Star Vice President Ron Scott. “It’s a testament to the creativity of our staff and engineers to have these latest developments officially recognized and protected with this patent. We strive to produce innovative designs using quality components, and we are dedicated to continue pioneering lighting technology.” 

This patent is not the end as Lazer Star has filed for continued improvements and new technologies in their family of LED light bars. Look for more innovations in the near future.

All of the patent information, as well as descriptions of the products that utilize the proprietary technology recognized in the patent, can be found in the new 2015-2016 Lazer Star Lights catalog. Click here to view the catalog online or to request a print copy be mailed to you.

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