A friend of ours forwarded this blog to us. We are excited to share this fantastic install/conversion of a stock Yamaha headlight to Lazer Star Lights 10-watt LED Triad Lazer Star LED headlight for Yamaha Supermoto
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Location: Washington

Posted 27 January 2013 - 12:43 PM

Thought I would post this here and introduce myself. I ride in the South Seattle area. We have tons of bitchin mountians and killer ORV parks to ride on. But Seattle is dark 7 months out of the year which makes riding even during the daytime a challenge. I have a 2008 Yamaha WR250X. Anyway, I've never been much of a night rider (thats not a David Hasselhoff joke, but it could be!). Hey I'm 40 years old. Eyesight is the first to go. Lights usually suck hard on any WR and enduros/supermotos in general. Anyway....so I've been looking at LED lights. Theres a bunch of junk on the market and I wanted something that would last and will put out some decent power. I looked at just about every kit on the market. Nothing quite had the look, quality and end result I wanted. I found a little powersports company out of Paso Robles, CA that makes LED headlights and turn signals for Harleys. Turns out they also make some bad ass lights for trucks. I found a really killer light thats the right size to fit in the factory plastic. Here are the specifics; Lazer Star - Triad 10 watt 3000 lumens - the stock headlight H4 bulb puts out like 1500 lumens at best. IP68 rated - which means dirt and water wont get into it. Which is a HUGE problem with most led lighting and around my wet neck of the woods... Lazer Star "underdrives" all their lights so they last a long time and still put out a ton of light with their reflector. This also means they run cool, so they wont melt the crap out of the plastics. Being under driven, they dont draw alot of power so the bike can handle it no problem. I've only had the light on for a few weeks. The temps here have been getting cold at night (low 20s) and its been a little too cold to ride very far. This light is BRIGHT! I've had LEDs on my truck and knew what to expect, but it was awesome to see it on my WR. I made a little youtube video of the install. http://youtu.be/E8_3Ql4K2Ig A link to the blog site: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1002394-lazer-star-led-headlight-for-yamaha-supermoto/