Buy LED Light Bars for your Jeep today

Lazer Star Lights' premium Jeep LED lights are perfect for lighting up your rides off road or on back country highways.They can be mounted just about anywhere on any Jeep to give you the brightest source of illumination. These Jeep LEDlights use less power compared to most other types of lights. They are the most durable and efficient choice for lighting up the night. Lazer Star Lights manufactures the highest quality line of LED light bars. Check out our extensive line of lighting options - some popular LED light bars are listed below.

LED Lights for your next wheelin' adventure:

Roof mounted LED light baronthis Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JK, seen here outfitted with a Lazer Star 50" LED Light Bar. 50" LED Light Bar Series: Discovery 10-watt LX1026 - $2344.99 Endeavour 3-watt double row LX23100 - $1698.99 Bumper mounted LED light bars are the most popular solution for your Jeep. Mount either a long center bar, 2 smaller LED side-by-side or upgrade your OEM driving lights in the bumper. For those drivers who live where foggy conditions occur, or if your wheelin' in the dusty desert, check out our Racer Special Series.     Racer Special Series: Endeavour 3-watt double row 12" Amber/White swapping LX2320-RS - $546.99 Discovery 10-watt 20" Spot LX1010 - $879.99 Endeavour 3-watt Double Row 22" Spot LX2340 - $704.99 Atlantis 3-watt Single Row 18" Spot LX0316 - $423.99 OEM upgrade 3-watt 4" Round Spot LX3308-U - $149.99 ea.   Auxiliary lights help to brighten up any spot, perhaps the A-Pilliar, or for you hard-core off roaders, some great rock lights! Endeavour 3-watt Double Row '2x2' Spot LXK2304 - $189.99 pr. Single 10-watt LED Flood Kit LXK20012 - $199.99 pr. Discovery 10-watt 6" Spot LX1002 - $269.99   LED light bars provide equivalent or more output than HID lights with less power. The solid state technology does not use a filament or require ballasts. It is extremely durable and will stand up to the elements for years to come. Visible light reaches hundreds of feet. Each light passes rigorous quality testing to be certified IP68 and 8.6g vibration resistant. Low profile Aluminum construction Adjustable Slide Trac mounts Cree LED technology High output with 95% efficiency Long life rating of 50,000 hours 9-32 Volts DC input Variety of lengths available from 6" - 50" Choose from spot, flood or combi beams Tube clamps and ATV brackets sold separately