brightest LED light bars lazer star lx led Chuck Lenhart, one of our sales reps in the Midwest region, was recently able to outfit his truck with our lights. He is using his truck as a sales demo tool in the area to help create some Lazer Star buzz in his area - nice job perks, right? lazer star lights paso robles california "I live in a more rural part of Kansas City and there are not a lot of street lights in my part of town," said Chuck, "Lazer Star is a huge advantage in driving at night here and in rough weather conditions. We choose the 2x2 Endeavor flood lights to help support my high beams (wired to the high beam switch) and the 20 Discovery light bar for overall light support (wired to a manual switch on the dash)." LX LED LIGHT BARS "To say the overall performance of the lights is good is an understatement. Fantastic is much better description! The installation was very straight forward and took just over 2 hours. The wiring kit is complete with everything you need and the quality of all the components are second to none. Since installing the lights, I have had several people stop me and ask how I liked them and where they could buy them. Awesome product to say the least"