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When it comes to outfitting your truck with top of the line lighting products, Lazer Star Lights has you completely covered. Lazer Star specializes in truck lighting, and is happy to answer any installation/application questions.

LX LED lights use the latest in Cree LED technology and are an excellent choice when considering lighting for your Jeep. LX LED lights offer greater efficiency, higher quality of light output, and superior longevity.


The ultimate one stop shop for your light and mounting needs. Lazer Star Lights has created brackets to fit onto your UTV with ease, and are continually striving for better options for you and your ride.
Many of our UTV kits are specific to year, make, and model or tube sizing.

LX LED and Dominator LED handlebar light brackets fit most Sport ATV models, even those with a stock stator. ATV handlebar kits are available with 5 bracket options, 2 adaptors, or 4 LX LED lights to choose from. The Sport ATV handlebar brackets are also sold separately to allow for custom kit building.





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If you’re looking for the best lighting solution for your motorcycle, look no further, the LX LED light line is the perfect ratio of sleek and edgy sophistication that will leave you wanting more.

Lazer Star Billet Lights are now available as a low draw, high functioning 50 Watt Equivalent LED driving light! Like the original Lazer Star driving lights, these LED Driving Lights are also at least 30% brighter than your stock high beams. The circular beam patterns make for a perfect on-road and off-road lighting solution, making itself an essential component in your motorcycle lighting repertoire.


Parts & Acces- sories

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If you find yourself in need of a replacement part or accessories for your Lazer Star lighting product, rest assured that we offer ease to customers by providing replacement parts for purchase online.