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Lazer Star is constantly innovating, improving, and looking into the future of lighting technology and trends.
The LX LED light bar line uses the latest in Cree LED technology and are an excellent choice when considering lighting for almost every automotive or powersports application.
The Lazer Star Billet & Vizor driving and signal lights are at least 20% brighter than stock high beams and turn signals.
Dominator HID lights bring you rugged design with up-to-date technology at an affordable price.
FlexLED, BilletLED, and Whip Bulbs are excellent accent lighting for all automotive and powersports applications.
Accessories and replacement parts are available for all Lazer Star lighting products.

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Featured - LX LED Headlight Capsules
New to the Lazer Star Lights flagship line of LED lighting, the LX LED Headlight Capsules - Offering the convenience of a plug 'n' play headlight with the high quality and standards you've come to...More Details »
Featured - Jeep/UTV Wire Controller Kits
You can never have too many lights and accessories, but you can have too many wires. Lazer Star now offers wire controllers for your Jeep JK, UTV, and universal applications. Our wire controllers...More Details »
Featured - Accessories & Replacement Parts
If you find yourself in need of a replacement part or accessories for your Lazer Star lighting product, rest assured that we offer ease to customers by providing replacement parts for purchase on our website.
Featured - Halogen Lights
Lazer Star halogen driving and signal lights are at least 20% brighter than stock high beams and turn signals. The circular beam patterns make these lights a perfect on-road and off-road lighting...More Details »
Featured - LED Signal Lights
Lazer Star Billet Lights & Vizor LED signal lights are at least 20% brighter than stock signal lights. The circular beam patterns make them a perfect on-road and off-road lighting solution, an...More Details »
Featured - Merchandise
We're proud of our brand and the quality that you've come to expect with it. Proud enough that we'll wear it, and hope you will too! Now available for purchase - Lazer Star Lights Swag. Shirts...More Details »
Featured - Accent Lighting
Lazer Star offers three different types of LED accent lighting for automotive and powersports applications. Lazer Star FlexLED's are efficient, bright and will last years. Available in 5 colors and...More Details »